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Take the Pono Pledge today

Hawai‘i Island is a truly magical place, and we want your production to be safe, responsible and respectful to others and the environment while enjoying the island.  After you’ve filled out your film permit application, please take a short moment to take our Pono Pledge.

The island of Hawai‘i is one of the most geographically diverse and awe-inspiring places on the planet, and it is our kuleana (responsibility) as an island community to encourage pono (righteous) practices so that it remains that way for future generations.  By committing to this pledge, your production is acknowledging the responsibility to have respect for place—no matter where you are.

This includes enjoying the island safely, respecting wildlife, observing no trespassing signs, properly preparing for weather and ocean conditions, and being mindful about protecting the island’s fragile environment.

The Pono Pledge website also includes useful safety information pertaining to various warnings, watches, advisories and outlook signs you may encounter. Full lists of lifeguarded beaches, endangered species and their protections, ocean warning flags, rules of the road, earthquake information, volcano updates, and emergency numbers are also available.

Take the Pono Pledge today.  Mahalo!

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