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East Hawai‘i Jungle


Location Highlights

  • Dense Jungle with large trees and hanging vines.
  • Perfectly manicured grassy areas and ponds.
  • Tropical coconut tree groves
  • Intimate beach setting with access to the ocean
  • Strong cell phone reception.
  • Includes on-site and off-site parking.
  • Stunning lava shelf with a small cliff over the water.
  • Features 1.5 miles of paved jungle road and 2 miles of well maintained gravel road.
  • Large staging areas for vehicles and equipment.
  • Distance from Hilo International Airport: 9 Miles (about 20 minutes)

Nearby Lodging and Supplies


Airport Rd
Hilo, Hi. 96720

Hotel District

Banyan Drive
Hilo, Hi. 96720
25% Tax incentives! Includes ATL, POST, & VFX Tax Incentives

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