Hawai‘i Island Film

Storytelling Reimagined

Simply the best place on earth to film

The Big Island

Hawai‘i Island is the largest and most diverse of all the islands . . .

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All your production needs, covered

Hawai‘i Island has been the filming destination for numerous feature films . . .

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Film the world in one place

Hawai‘i Island features 11 of the 13
climates found around the world...

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Incentives 25%

Tax Incentives!
Includes ATL, POST, & VFX

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What Filmmakers Are Saying

Headshot for
Grant Curtis
SPIDER-MAN 1, 2, 3

Upon scouting the Big Island, one thing becomes readily apparent - the vast number of "looks" the island houses is absolutely astounding. The Big Island is truly a backdrop for almost anything you'd want to shoot.

Headshot for
Ralph Winter
X-MEN 1, 2, 3

The island of Hawai'i has locations that are from another world. I look forward to shooting there again! And, with an easy and direct commute from Los Angeles to Kona, and the proximity between hotels and locations, it's extremely convenient.

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Ron Schmidt
Unit Production Manager

We had a great experience on Hawai'i Island with the local crews, vendors, and the community. The cast had a blast! I always encourage people to consider Hawai'i Island when looking for that perfect island/paradise/jungle location.

People as diverse as the land

On-island talent