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connected to the world

New Private Fiber Technology is a game changer for Hawai‘i Island’s Film, Television and Media industries.

It's time to rethink Hawai‘i Island . . .

Imagine the possibilities!


GVS Connect  +  SOHOnet

Hawai‘i Island is connected to high-speed private fiber through GVS Connect utilizing the vast network of SOHONET linking the creative industries to over 400 studios across three continents.

This advanced connectivity, along with Hawai‘i Island’s post and VFX incentives, enables filmmakers to conduct POST, AUDIO and VFX via remote collaboration, as well as transfer and simultaneously edit burstable gigabytes of raw, high-definition dailies to producers and studios around the world. This private fiber technology is the industry’s leader in content sharing with a commitment to security, cost efficiency and smart-device capability.

Our secure fiber network is 1Gb/s with a burstable capacity of 10Gb/s.



Creating environments, sky replacements, set extensions and character animations are just a few of the services provided on the island. Our professionals are passionate about adding to the story and not taking it over.

VFX Services

Post Sound

Through Twenty20 Sound, Hawai‘i Island offers an array of post production sound services including Sound Editorial & Design, ADR, Foley, Re-Recording, Composing, & Producing.

Post Sound Services


Take advantage of our island’s animation abilities including Motion Graphics, 3D modeling & Rendering, even Animated Series!


Post Production

Whether you need a team of editors, color correction, or need a solid infrastructure to securely send footage to executives around the world, Hawai‘i Island has you covered!

Post Production
Headshot for Steve Rundell
Steve Rundell
Former VP, Technicolor

"The takeaway with this essential private fiber technology called Clearview, that is provided by Sohonet, is that the Hawaiian Islands are now processing critical content in real time on a global scale...and time is money."

Headshot for Jeff Zacha
Jeff Zacha
Post Production Executive

“It is encouraging seeing the government of Hawai'i partnering with
the industry. Hawai'i has chosen to embrace the very best connectivity tools available. This is a game changer. This new connectivity along with the existing tax incentives makes it extremely attractive for production and post out of the islands.
And hey - who doesn't want to work in Hawai'i?”

Headshot for Dave Goetter
Dave Goetter
Post Sound Expert

"When it comes to sound, Hawai‘i Island has the resources you need! If it is not on island, we can connect you to studios around the world through private fiber."

25% Tax incentives! Includes ATL, POST, & VFX Tax Incentives

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